An Innovative Agricultural Breakthrough

Who are we?


Genesis Algae Innovation is the agricultural and environmental services arm of BioGenesis, Australia’s largest commercial algae producer. An innovative Australian company exporting products to global customers from our farm in the great Barrier reef region of Queensland, Australia www.BioGenesisnatural.com

Genesis Algae Innovation uses natural algae to produce exceptional quality stockfeed supplements and bio fertilisers that are fighting climate change while optimising Australia’s stock and soil health. Our innovative technology for the high-volume production of organic algae that uses no pesticides, herbicides or trade waste provides farmers with a never seen before non-chemical feed and fertiliser combination.

Producing the highest quality natural organic stock feed and Bio-fertilisers that reduces to the cost to the famer and produces a much better result that is good for the planet is truly a Generational Agricultural Innovation that you must try!!



Media Release

Breakthrough Cow Methane Reduction Product Released - Cost Effective, Natural and Commercially Available.

Genesis Algae Innovation has launched AlgaeFeed, a natural algae-based stock feed supplement. AlgaeFeed contains amazing animal health and nutritional benefits and following testing with the University of Queensland it has been assessed to reduce cow methane emissions directly by 20%; which
equates to 28.5% on a per kilo basis.


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