AlgaeFeed is a once in a Generation agricultural innovation that you must try!!!

Micro Algae is nutrient rich, high in protein (50%), Omega 3/6/9, Iron, Vitamin B12 and magnesium. Algae provides an ideal stock feed supplement with much higher digestibility performance than Soy and other meal-based feeds and university proven reduction in stock methane emissions.

The benefits of AlgaeFeed include: 

    • Dramatically improves animal nutrition & health. 
    • Significant uplift in animal growth performance and yield
    • Provides a significant uplift in reproductive health
    • Reduced methane emissions (University Measured).
    • Results in meat, milk, pork and poultry products of exceptionally high standard.
    • Reduces overall cost of feed, while producing a far superior result 


  • Complete natural organic nutritional stock feed supplement – 50% Protein, Omega 3/6/9, vitamin B12, iron and all essential vitamins and minerals for superior growth.
  • Source of Live protein and Live enzymes shown to be over six times more beneficial to stock health than dried/dead protein.
  • Suitable for all stock types (Aquaculture, Poultry, Beef, Pork).
  • Zero Pesticides, Herbicides or chemicals used in production.
  • Reduced Methane emissions.


Results from our Farmers speak for themselves:

  • Consistent meat scores of over 9 out of 10 with noted marbling
  • 32.5%weight gain improvement
  • Increased milk production of over 0.5 litres per day
  • 40% increase in IVF success rate
  • 50% increase in lamb twin births

I’ve been razing cattle for over forty years. I’ve never seen such healthy cattle in all my life. They have amazing shiny coats, are much more active and just seem content.  Wagner – Sydney

31 July 2021. Weighed this lamb 36kg in 15 weeks, no fertilised  pasture, no irrigation though decent rain till start of June then dry till now, just guinea grass with 5% endemic legumes,  still sucking mother and both on GENESIS ALGAEFEED . Just desert dorper parents no F1 cross. LAMBS GREW AT 340grams/day on average for 15 weeks. Verses southern Australia 40kg in 14 weeks sucking on mother, fed high end supplement, fertilised rye grass with irrigation and most important hybrid vigour as F1 cross lamb. Please find attached  Dept of Ag WA report which shows the comparison. Look at the table highest growth rate 360g/HD/day.  Our lamb grew at 340grams/HD/day, this we have never seen this, ONLY CHANGE GENESIS ALGAE.   Anne Maree Mitchel, Mackay sheep farmers.

With AlgaeFeed, my number of lamb twins has increased by 50%. I’ve researched and found that healthy sheep produce more twins. This is an amazing product. Francis – Mackay

‘I have been using the Algae from the Biogenesis Algae farm for 6 months now. I own and run Savannah Brahman Stud at Eton just outside Mackay in Central Queensland comprising of 200 head. I have been breeding and selling Brahman cattle since 1961 that is 60 years on my farm. I have noticed the following:

  1. My cattle are quite and more relaxed since feeding the  AlgaeFeed.
  2. I feed my whole herd from calves, mothers and bulls being prepared for sale.
  3. I have noticed their coat and skin is shiny and they look in great condition as per the attached photo for the end of July in the Mackay region
  4. Whilst I have not weighed the cattle, I am confident that my cattle are maintaining not loosing weight in winter and will confirm this by the end of the year. This is unique for me.
  5. I do not use any other supplements other than the Genesis AlgaeFeed.

Vic Deguara.’

Our ‘AI’ program 17 head 15 scanned pregnancy at 8 weeks which was way above what we would normally expect especially in drought conditions. We have maintained  an adlib feeling program till now ( August 2021) with the cattle maintaining condition despite the low rainfall since March this year. Mothers have more milk for the calves which are growing quicker than in past early calf growth.


Calvin and Genevieve Kelly – Bulloak Brahman Stud, Bowen and been in the cattle industry for over 45 years

The eggs produced are firm and premium quality with a natural orange yolk colour. With AlgaeFeed I am producing the highest quality of eggs with no colouring or feed additives. Mal – Collinsville

March 21 we had 19 sheep ( only 1 ram) by 2 sept 21 have 38 sheep. 200% plus lambing rate. Incredible! Can only happen with sheep and superior nutrition.

Anne Maree Mitchel

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